The Signage on Specified Commercial Transactions

Operational Management Company Urban Homes, INC
President and Chief Operating Office Takehiko Onuma
Company Address Postal code 106-0032 Urban Building 1F, 7-13-2, Roppongi, Minato-ku, TOKYO
TEL +81-(0)3-5772-3919
FAX +81-(0)3-3403-3493
The Rent and Other Costs As for the rent and the other costs, please refer to the list of charges.
Time of Payment As a rule, we require you to make payment before you move in.
Payment method Bank Transfer / In Person / Credit Card
Cancellation Policy Before Move-in If you cancel your agreement after you sign with us, we will charge you 50,000 yen.
In addition, the contract with our company will be complete after you pay your deposit.
Please note that we cannot reserve a room until you make your payment.